Membership Information


o        Tuesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at 280 Ormond St., Brockville, ON.

o        Downbeat is at 7:00 pm sharp!

o        It is helpful for you and the Band if you can attend every week but the Musical Director recognizes that this is not always possible.

o        If you are going to miss a performance, or 3 or more consecutive rehearsals, please inform the Musical Director so that he can plan rehearsals and assign parts. It is not necessary to say why you are away.

o        Pay attention to the Musical Director and to your own music, and listen to the music being played around you.

o        Do not carry on conversations. Raise your hand if you have a question for the Director.

     Rehearsals and concerts start on time. Plan to arrive 20 minutes early to tune and to help set up.

     Do not wear scented products such as cologne, perfume or after-shave to rehearsals or performances.

     Do not bring tea or coffee to rehearsals.

     Rehearsal room: please help set up the room for rehearsal each week.

o        Please put away your chair, music stand, and music folder at the end of the evening.

     BCB music folders (and their contents):

o        must remain in the music room and be returned by you to their file slot after each rehearsal.

o        Keep the music in your folder in alphabetical order by title.

o        If your folder is missing a piece speak with the Music Librarian, Peri Howlett (clarinet).

     Website: is updated weekly.

o        Check for notices of rehearsal changes, concert details, folder list, and more!

     E-mail contact list of Band members: maintained by the Secretary, James Wilson.

o        Please let him know if you change your contact information.

     Emergency contact information:

o        You may choose to write down your name, street address, phone number, and the name and phone number of an emergency contact – and keep this in your instrument case.

o        Most cell phones also have the capacity for you to designate contacts of your choice as “ICE” (“In Case of Emergency”) or something similar. ICE contact numbers can be dialed even if your phone is locked.

     Dues: $100.00 per person per year (September - August), payable by October 1.

o        Cash or cheque (payable to “Brockville Concert Band”) collected by the Treasurer, Jennifer Bulloch (tenor sax).

o        Dues may be paid in two installments: $50.00 by October 1 and $50.00 by the first rehearsal in January.

o        A prospective first-time Member may attend two rehearsals for free, and may then become a Member by paying dues of $50.00 for their first membership year.

o        Annual dues for students are $30.00 per person.

o        Dues per person for 2021-2022 only are set at: $100 for those volunteering to play in the Demo Band, $50 for Zoom participants, free for students.

Dues are payable by October 1 and can be paid via etransfer or by cheque.

o        The BCB encourages anyone with an interest in playing with the Band to join us, regardless of financial situation.

o        Please speak with Musical Director Lance Besharah, in confidence, if you require assistance with dues or flexibility in paying by installments.


     Performance uniform: BCB shirt (plum-coloured), black trousers/shorts/skirt, black shoes and black socks.

Please do not wear a sweater or jacket over your BCB shirt while performing.

o        Band members must purchase their own BCB shirt – please speak with Judy Quick (clarinet).

Shirts are sold at cost to the members (approximately $55 - $60).

o        Please speak with Musical Director, Lance Besharah, in confidence, if you require assistance with the cost of a shirt.

     If you need an instrument or instrument repair: speak with the Musical Director to make arrangements.

o        The Band owns some instruments for loan to members.

     The Band’s Executive Committee: elected every year, at the October AGM.

o        If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee or just helping out, please contact any member of the Executive.

o        Click here to see an outline of the duties of Executive Committee members.