Zoom Rehearsals with the BCB


After extensive review of public health advice, directives regarding COVID-19,

and available information regarding COVID-19 and playing musical instruments,

the BCB Executive Committee made a decision to hold Tuesday evening rehearsals

using internet Zoom conferencing.


Musical Director, Lance Besharah, conducts in-person rehearsals of a small

“Demonstration Band” - volunteer BCB members - under a strict risk mitigation protocol.


The rehearsals are live-streamed to other BCB members using Zoom.


Rehearsals begin at 7:00 pm and follow a 50 min. play /15 min. break / 50 min. play schedule.

Zoom participants should begin to connect at 6:50 pm.

Late-comers will be admitted between selections.


The rehearsals feel and sound similar to typical rehearsals:

Zoom participants see and hear the conductor with the Demonstration Band,

while playing along (with their audio muted).

There are opportunities to comment and to ask questions.


If you are not already a BCB member, and are interested in joining BCB Zoom rehearsals

please email BCB@cogeco.ca



(Download any document below by clicking on its name.)


BCB Demonstration Band:

BCB Demonstration Band Rehearsal Protocol

BCB Demonstration Band Rehearsal Seating Plan


BCB Zoom Participants:

You will be sent a Zoom invitation and a link to the

drop-box containing BCB rehearsal sheet music.

Please check here for a list of the music selections.


The drop-box link does not change from week-to-week.


For instructions on how to join a ZOOM videoconference,

click on the type of device you will be using:


Apple computer



Windows computer


For tips on using Zoom, click here.

If you need help getting started with Zoom or using the drop-box,

please reach out to another BCB member, or send an email to BCB@cogeco.ca .


Background to rehearsal format decision:

BCB Q & As - Health Unit

BCB Summary of Member Survey & Studies Reviewed

BCB Risk Summary

British Medical Journal Risk Assessment Dashboard


Up-to-date information about COVID-19 is available on the websites of:

Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit

Ontario Ministry of Health

Public Health Ontario

Public Health Agency of Canada


The Ontario Band Association has created a page with resources related to COVID-19

and instrumental music.