Congratulations to BCB member Clairese Wilson!


It takes hours of practice, rehearsing and performing to gain the confidence and capability

needed to audition for and win a chair in the National Youth Band of Canada.


Sixteen-year-old high school student Clairese Wilson of Brockville may have been the

first instrumentalist and bass clarinetist from the area to play in the flagship band

of the Canadian Band Association in Montreal, QC in 2018.


She was again successful in earning a chair in the NYB in Winnipeg, MN for May 2019.


Ms. Wilson picked up the bass clarinet in Grade Five, joined the Brockville Concert Band (BCB)

in Grade Six and participated in the Brockville Lions Music Festival every year since then.

Her secrets for success are daily practice, weekly rehearsals with the BCB, good coaching,

and being well prepared for each performance and adjudication.


“Additionally, if you were to tell my rookie grade 6 self that some of the best friends I would make

would be retired people that I practice music with on Tuesday nights, I wouldn’t have believed you.

That is my reality now, and I am so thankful for their undying support, and friendship.

As my full time attendance with the Brockville Concert Band comes to an end,

I want to stress to other kids that it’s an amazingly fun opportunity that comes with

comradery, learning, and a lot of great music.”


Ms. Wilson plans to study engineering following high school and feels that the focus and effort

required to be an instrumentalist have helped her prepare mentally and intellectually for the demands of university.